Honduras: e-learning tool for the blood transfusion service

The Swiss Red Cross carries out projects on blood safety in various countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Central America. Some of these are supported by experts from Swiss Transfusion SRC, who provide advice, perform evaluations and hold training events or workshops in the relevant countries. A project in Honduras is a case in point.

In 2011, the Honduran Red Cross (HRC) sought support in its efforts to strengthen its National Blood Program. The HRC’s blood transfusion service collects and processes about 50 per cent of the blood that the hospitals in Honduras need to care for their patients. In addition, the HRC service screens all of the blood collected by the other Honduran blood transfusion services for HIV, HBV and HCV.

The HRC wanted to strengthen its technical and administrative capacities and governance of its blood transfusion service. One focus was on the initial and continuing training of volunteers and staff in the blood donor recruitment area. Among other things, an e-learning tool for volunteer blood donation was developed for the HRC.

The e-learning tool supports us in the initial and continuing training of staff and volunteers. So we are able to reach more people within a shorter period. At the moment, this is very difficult for us, due to a lack of good roads in the countryside and a shortage of financial resources.

Juan Pablo Bulnes Vides, Vice CEO, HRC Blood Transfusion Service